Current branding
Bobbi Brown has been established since 1991 and maintained an overall minimalistic design approach with its brand identity and products.

An example of this would be the REMEDIES skincare line which, although universal in its design, carries the potential for a rebrand as it can also appear medicinal or more suited for mature skin.

Below are a few images that capture the the brand's clean and simple aesthetic with both skincare and makeup.
Below are a few images showcasing the mood of the TNT campaign/limited edition rebrand. The goal was to introduce references to pop culture, fun elements, patterns and colour while seamlessly weaving it into the branding, merchandise and promotional materials.
The plan was to go  RETRO. Taking inspiration from pop art, comic books, and technicolour cartoons, the TNT campaign logo is a combination of a work mark, pattern and illustrations. The 'TNT' was formed using the font  Badaboom and a polka-dot patterned lightning bolt sits behind. Around these are stars and smoke clouds, depicting an explosive movement.

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