The “Waste-to-Art Exhibition” was a collaboration between SCAD Hong Kong and HSBC. Part of Footprint Quarterly, HSBC’s 2014 Flagship Environmental Awareness Program, the goal was to raise awareness of sustainability and environmental issues amongst HSBC staff. My team mate Abinanth Ashok (BFA Visual Effects) and I had the role of 3D installation artists using e-waste to create a life-size sculpture. 

We developed a concept to use e-waste to represent us as human beings living in a world with rapidly-growing technology that we buy, use, dispose, and repeat. A visual reminder of how we become what we consume and what we put out into  the Earth. We then constructed a life sized sculpture made of a mannequin base, cardboard  and various broken electronics.

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Final thoughts & acknowledgement
We were very excited to be a part of this ethical and memorable project and our sculpture now stands as part of a permanent collection at the HSBC Headquarters. Below are some publications featuring it in local Hong Kong newspapers as well as a YouTube video documenting all the work of other participants. Enjoy!

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